Camp Winston. Winston’s 11th Birthday Party.

Winston just turned 11. :)
To celebrate, he said he wanted a camping party with all of his wonderful friends from his homeschool youth group.
We started out by making party invitations in the form of a camp booklet…

We cut paper grocery bags + used the sewing machine to sew the pages together.

There are both girls + boys in the youth group.  Everyone was invited over for a fun evening of dinner, games + late night s’mores.   The boys were invited to sleep outside in some tents.  The girls were invited to do some “camp-IN”…  Camping IN-SIDE the house for the night.

Prior to the party, Winston, Houston + I were busy during our art time of school.  We bought innexpensive fabric at Walmart + made a huge welcome sign…

Winston’s cake was very easy to make.  We melted sugar, added yellow + red food coloring, + shaped it with toothpicks as it was drying to make our fire.

This decorative string of pine cones was one of Houston’s projects.

Decorative tape added some color to our walking sticks.

We made an outhouse sign pointing into our woods.  You see, after the girls went to bed in the house, the doors were locked + the boys were no longer able to come inside, even to use the restroom.  Oh, no.  This was REAL camping for the guys.  :)

Upon arrival, kids were to put their electronics / phones in the basket.  This was a run-around, laugh + enjoy the company of those you’re with kind of a party.  :)   And, although I totally love + adore all of the youth, it made me feel more at ease knowing that no one  was accessing the internet at 2am, for example.

It was a lovely, warm evening.  Winston + his friends ate outside around the farm table.  We had some DELICIOUS homemade macaroni-n-cheese provided by my wonderful friend Sarah.  THANK YOU Sarah!!!  :)

Winston has such a great group of friends + they made his party so much fun!!!  We love + adore each + every one of them.  It was a wonderful evening of memories, not just for Winston, but for our whole family.  :)

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  1. Susan Burchard's Gravatar Susan Burchard
    October 9, 2013 at 3:52 pm | Permalink

    Not only are you one of my favorite photographers, but now I want to hire you as a party planner! God has blessed you with AMAZING talent Tina!!