Two Anniversaries!

Last week, we celebrated 2 anniversaries.

First, we celebrated the day Jeff + I were married.  Awe… it’s such a special memory for us!  …A celebration for the whole family.  That day was such a blessing from the Lord.  I had gone through a divorce + thought I’d never want to get married again.  But the Lord had other plans for me + my (at that time) 1 year old son, Winston.  He brought 3 very precious men into our lives…  Jeff + his two young sons, Cooper + Thomas (just 5 + 9 at that time).  And since then, we’ve brought another precious young man into the family, Houston.  I can’t imagine my life without all of these wonderful men!

We spent our anniversary day doing one of our favorite things….  working on a BIG project.

We don’t have a ton of land (2 and a half acres), but to me, it seems like we’ve bought a farm.  I love it!  :)   Jeff went out that morning + rented a chainsaw for the day.  So we spent the day clearing a chunk of our woods so that we can have a larger grassy area.  The entire day was spent sawing + hauling the trees into several big piles.

This is what the area looked like after a lot of the trees had been chopped down…  (Winston was snapping photos)…

The guys were such great workers!

As a special treat for us on our anniversary, Winston + Houston gave us a lunch-time puppet show.  The show was a re-enactment of the day Jeff + I met.  It was so cute watching them tell the story in their own words, after having heard it so many times from us.  I sat there + cried.  It was one of those super special moments that I hope I will always remember.  :)

Jeff + I watching the show…

This was by far, my most favorite anniversary day EVER!

Two days later, we celebrated another big day in our lives.  It was the 1 year anniversary of the Lord blessing us with this home. It was a HUGE blessing…  THANK YOU LORD!!!  This home is something that Jeff + I should never have been able to afford.  But the Lord told us this was the home for us.  So, even though this home was under contract with another potential buyer, we put our home on the market + it sold a moth later.  The contract on this home fell-through with the other buyers + then this home was taken off the market for several months.  Meanwhile, we moved out of our current home + moved into a small rental home.  This home came back on the market in foreclosure, but we still couldn’t afford it.  We lived in our rental home for 14 months, and then, in the Lord’s perfect timing, the price on this home dropped significantly (a couple of times!) + we were now able to put in an offer.  After many other miracles from the Lord, this home became ours.  Well, at least we’re taking care of it for the Lord.  We know it’s really His.  :)

So on our 1 year anniversary of being blessed with this home, we spent another day working to clear the land.  Cooper + Jeff worked hard at digging up all the large stumps left in the soil…

Here’s what the new clearing looks like…

Next step, sprinkler lines + grass.  (Jeff started working on that today.)

THANK YOU LORD for all your blessings.  Through all the hardships in life + all the joys, may YOU be praised.

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  1. Gramms Boyer's Gravatar Gramms Boyer
    September 25, 2013 at 7:32 pm | Permalink

    It is all so wonderful!!!!!

  2. Kathie Drake's Gravatar Kathie Drake
    September 26, 2013 at 11:25 am | Permalink

    Loved reading about your special day & the events that led up to it! May many more blessings be in your future as well! Love to you both! =) kathie and Ian