Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Wrona Family! 

When Houston was 3, he painted our family photo and made himself upside down.  Then, when he was 6, he painted another family photo (shown below), where he was also upside down.  So this year, we used his painting as an inspiration for the family Christmas card.  :)

“and you are to call Him Jesus.  He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High.”
Luke 1:31b-32

Love to all this Christmas time!!!

Josh Mann. Contemporary Christian Music Artist.

We became friends with Josh Mann over a year ago, meeting regularly + talking about the Lord.  His great desire is to lead others, through song, to deeply worship the Lord.  This heartfelt desire is evident when a voice of praise is raised up for our Savior + we’ve greatly enjoyed worshiping alongside Josh many times.  We hope you are blessed as well.

Josh’s songs become public THIS FRIDAY, November 28th!  He’s releasing an EP (a musical recording that contains more music than a single, but is usually too short to qualify as a full studio album).   Several months ago, in anticipation for his musical debut, we headed to Raleigh for some photos…

Be sure to check out Josh Mann’s website…

And his facebook page!

A Sweet Little Box.

Last week, Winston decided to make some woodworking projects to earn some extra money for Christmas gifts.  He sold more than we ever expected.  THANK YOU to those of you who bought items from him!!!

Cooper would also like to make some extra money for Christmas presents.  He has spent the last few evenings making these precious, little ring boxes…

Oh, aren’t they just so sweet?

Last fall, our family cleared some of the woods behind our home.  (See photos HERE.)  Cooper used some of that wood to make these little ring boxes.  The lids rotate on a dowel, so they stay on, even when the box is open.  Each box is shaped a little differently, based on the character of the wood.  They are SO CUTE!!!

In addition to the little boxes, we currently have 10 more pencil holders if anyone else would like to order one…  (See blog post HERE)…

We also have some extra candle holders.

We have 12 of the “5 tea light holders” available for purchase, and we have 5 of the “7 tea light holders” available, as well.

I’m not sure how many of the little ring boxes Cooper will be able to make, due to our limited supply of that wood.  But I’m thinking he will be able to make about 20 of them.

These would be great for Thanksgiving or for Christmas gifts!

Sweet Little Box $10.    (about 20 currently available)

Pencil Holder $10.    (about 10 currently available)

5 Votive Candle Holder $10.  (Additional $1 for 5 tea lights)     (about 12 currently available)

7 Votive Candle Holder $15.  (Additional $1 for 5 tea lights)     (about 5 currently available)

Please call if you would like to order some…  910-295-4906

Working with Wood.

We love to do a lot of art around here.  I thought this pencil holder would be the perfect woodworking project for Winston.  It turned out so cute + he really enjoyed making it.  So, to earn a little extra money for Christmas and for other things, he’d be happy to make one for you, too!

We had Houston model for us.  That’s Houston’s canvas painting he did a few months ago.  He’s working on a second canvas now…  a special one for Aunt Pat!  :)

I think this pencil holder would also look really great on an adult’s desk, either with colored pencils or regular pencils in it.

For a second project, we cut + painted wood to make a 5-votive candle holder.  I LOVE the look of the ones Jeff made for me!  They are SO CUTE!!!  And they are beautiful at night with the tea lights lit.  Winston would also like to make these for those who would like some.

I think they’re beautiful in the kitchen…

Or in the entry way…

Or as a centerpiece on the table…

These would be great for Thanksgiving or for Christmas gifts!

Pencil Holder $10.

Votive Candle Holder $10.  (Additional $1 for 5 tea lights)

Please call if you would like to order some…  910-295-4906

Thomas + Vanessa. Blessing Service.

When Thomas + Vanessa first announced their engagement, they said they wanted their wedding to be in Maine, but they wanted a second service here in Pinehurst.  They wanted to call it a Blessing Service.  This past weekend, we had the service in our back yard.

THANK YOU to Ashlee for taking these next two photos…

I didn’t want to take a whole lot of photos during the worship service, because that’s what it was…  a time of worship.  And I didn’t want to interrupt anyone’s worship experience.

So as I stayed near the back, cute little Emory came my way.  Oh, what a cutie!

It was so wonderful to share this time with family + friends.

To see more photos of Thomas + Vanessa, click HERE or HERE.   :)

Thomas + Vanessa: The Couple

Awe…  What a BEAUTIFUL couple!   And the WONDERFUL part is, they’re both so beautiful on the inside, too!

Vanessa, we are THRILLED to have you join the family!!!

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Thomas + Vanessa:  The Ceremony

Thomas + Vanessa: The Ceremony

This past weekend, we flew up to Maine for Thomas + Vanessa’s wedding.  The wedding took place at Vanessa’s parents’ farm.   It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL + it was WONDERFUL to get to meet Vanessa’s family + friends.

Getting ready…

The Ceremony…

The Wedding Party + Families…

The Gerry’s (Vanessa’s family)…

The Reed’s (Thomas’ mom)…

and the Wrona’s   (Thomas’ dad.  Thanks to Grace for taking this photo of us.)…

The Reception…

Cooper had the honor of being the best man.  And with that, came the responsibility of giving the toast.  Cooper couldn’t remember ever hearing a best man’s toast at a wedding, so Jeff + I explained that there’s usually some humor + then also some sweet sentiments.  We shared with him the wonderful toast that Mr. Peterson, the best man in our wedding, gave.  Cooper, having only been 5 at the time, didn’t remember it, but it had been the best toast we had ever heard!

Last Saturday, when Cooper began giving his toast, THAT’S when I started to cry!  It was a PERFECT toast, filled with humor + tons of LOVE!  And it was spoken with such ease.

After the toast, as a TOTAL surprise to the bride + groom, Winston sang a song that he wrote for them.  :)

Houston also wanted to do something special for Thomas + Vanessa, just like his brothers did.  So on the plane ride to Maine, Houston drew a photo of the cute couple.  He colored it and we put it in a frame for them.  I didn’t get a great shot of him handing it to Thomas + Vanessa because Houston sprinted back to his seat so fast, but here’s the little guy with Winston…

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Thomas + Vanessa:  The Couple

I have lots more photos for those of you that are interested, but I thought I would just post these and leave the rest of the editing to my new daughter-in-law who LOVES to edit photos.  YAY!!!  We’ll be a great team!!!  :)

Besides, I have to get back to preparations!  In less than 2 weeks, we have a Blessing Service for Thomas + Vanessa here in Pinehurst, in our back yard.  So exciting!

Thomas + Vanessa!

I have a new daughter!!!

Yesterday,  Thomas married Vanessa on her parents’ farm in Maine.  It was BEAUTIFUL, THEY were BEAUTIFUL, and it was WONDERFUL to meet her family in person.

The lovely Mr. + Mrs. Wrona…

More photos coming hopefully in the next couple of days.  :)


Our family (ex Thomas since he was living in Missouri) was baptized in the Jordan, just like our Master, Jesus Christ.  Only instead of the Jordan River, it was the local Jordan Lake.  We all (except Houston) had already been water baptized through immersion at different times and at different churches before.  I had been baptized in the 5th grade, but like the rest of my family members, I don’t remember being taught that it was for repentance of sins, but rather that it was a public show of my wanting to follow Christ.

Last November (I’ll be talking much more about LAST NOVEMBER in future posts), my family decided to re-read the entire New Testament with the idea of “standing on” everything that the Scriptures say to do.  And in doing so, we realized that baptism is for repentance.  I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that I’ve been a “follower of Christ” nearly my whole life, and yet I never realized that.  So, we repented.  Some things you just want to make sure that you’ve done right.  :)

So starting with Jeff, we all baptized each other in the name of Jesus.  (Houston took this photo.)

Houston went last.  We also laid hands on Houston to receive the Holy Spirit, and although he has yet to speak in tongues, we are hopeful it will happen.

(THANKS for the photo, Cooper!)

Wes + Erica.

My family + I recently headed up to Indiana for a reception to celebrate the marriage of my niece, Erica, + her husband Wes.  They had a wonderful BBQ reception with lots of lawn games out on a beautiful farm.  There was a photographer hired to photograph, so I mostly had my camera in my purse, but I did take it out for a few shots, beginning with Erica’s sweet daughter, Ella…

It was a beautiful reception + it’s always so good to see family again!  :)